First time at Woodland Bike Park?

The Woodland Bike Park is not like any other biking experience you have ever had. The trails often have sustained stretches of downhill riding and the lifts allow you to ride much more vertical than you would normally do in a long day of riding. This page is aimed at giving you the information that you need to have a great day and go home tired, dirty and happy.

Bikes & Gears
  • It is very important to ride the right bike for the job. You wouldn’t use a finishing hammer to frame a house and this is no different. A downhill bike has plush suspension in both the front and rear to smooth out the bumps on rugged trails. Rent a bike if you don’t have your own and ask the rental technician to tune the suspension to your body weight and skills.
  • There is a reason why most riders are wearing armor- it works. Crashing is a possibility no matter how slow or cautious you ride and protecting yourself from cuts and scrapes with pads is a must
  • A proper fitting full-face helmet is the way to go. Protect your face and head by wearing it done up properly under the chin.
Riding Tips
  • Warm up your body and bike skills. Before dropping into the trail network get familiar with your bike and the features you will encounter by riding out trail.
  • Stand up! Riding downhill requires an athletic stance on your bike so stand up to absorb bumps and keep your pedals level.
  • Ride a trail a few times before you move on. Ride the easier trails at least two or three times before moving on to a new one. Some riders will do 30 laps on a trail before moving on to a more difficult run.
  • Take breaks, drink water, rest your hands and eat to keep your energy up.